Thursday, September 9, 2010

Will Mani repeat 'Athadu' for 'Khaleja'?

Music director mani sharma has become so outdated these days that none of his albums are topping the charts. It was long long ago that audience enjoyed the real stuff from this sensational music director who brought a new trend in giving music to top stars of South.

Offlate his projects like ‘Varudu, Em Pillo Em Pillado, Shubhapradam, Kothimooka, Happy Happyga, Don Seenu’ haven’t been able to strike the chord as typical mani sharma’s tinge was missing. Music lovers in our state have pinned hopes on his next release ‘Khaleja’ with Mahesh Babu and Trivikram.

Trio of Mahesh, Trivikram and Mani is a proved combo with memorable success of ‘Athadu,’ an altime musical classic for Mahesh Fans.  Well, ‘Khaleja’ is a big challenge for all three to make joint strides in their career after facing respective professional troubles. Let us hope, Mani succeeds in repeating his ‘Athadu’ magic this time with ‘Khaleja.’


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