Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mahesh Babu's real look in 'Khaleja'

Wow…is the only word that can express the charm of Mahesh Babu in the movie of ‘Khaleja’ which is getting ready for release. With the first bunch of pics released into the market from shooting location, first thing thats to strike your minds is Trivikram is sure to spread his magic again without a whisker of doubt.

‘Athadu’ was the flick where Mahesh Babu was made to look the most handsome and thanks to the handy work of Trivikram in taking the pains. Now, here in ‘Khaleja,’ Trivikram looks to have done the more enhancement of Mahesh’s glamor. To prove anything wrong in the above statement, click this link to view ‘Khaleja’ onlocation stills where in even Anushka looks gorgeous.


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