Thursday, September 9, 2010

Director feels dejected of being a Mahesh Fan

Yes, his name is Subba Reddy who worked with many experienced directors like SV Krishna Reddy, Shiva Nageshwara Rao and others is feeling dejected of being a Fan to Super Star Krishna and mahesh babu.

This Subba Reddy is the same director who registered the title of ‘Khaleja’ for his forthcoming film. ‘Iam the biggest fan of mahesh babu and his father Super Star Krishna. Every year on both their birthdays, my brother and me will arrange ‘Anna Danam’ and organize social welfare activities. Being close to Congress Party, we met Krishna many a times and he was happy looking at us.

After a struggle of 10 years in the field, I came through this producer Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy who was impressed with my ‘Khaleja’ script and we started working on it from one year. Now, mahesh babu and producer C. Kalyan are trying to take away our title. This will be end of my career as my producer is not ready to change the title. Being a Mahesh Fan, Iam requesting them not to kill my career and don’t use our title.’

Let us see, how will Mahesh react to his Fans request!


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