Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kaleja News : Kalyan agrees that 'Khaleja' is changed

C. Kalyan, the official producer of Mahesh Babu’s most awaited fim ‘khaleja’ agreed that title of their movie is changed to ‘Mahesh khaleja’ from plain ‘khaleja.’ Adding of a just prefix ‘Mahesh’ is not to solve their problems says, ‘khaleja’ official title owners, Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy, the producer and Subba Reddy, the director.

Attending a TV channel today as their fight for justice, Subba Reddy said; ‘Film Chamber has a set of rules and regulations which doesn’t permit adding of a just ‘Mahesh’ before ‘khaleja’ and get the movie released with ‘Mahesh khaleja.’ Honorable board memebers in Film Chamber will do justice for our title. Law clearly mentions that, adding of suffix or prefix doesn’t make their title viable.

When C. Kalyan is ready with his plan to release the movie with ‘Mahesh khaleja’ title, then why did he consult us for transfer of title to his name?  We already registered our title and also the logo design. We are not willing to sell our title. C. Kalyan garu must adhere to some other title because we are ready to move High Court for any loss to our title.

Same such controversy happened for Nagarjuna’s ‘Rummy’ and it was changed to ‘Kedi.’ Why not they have named it ‘Nag Rummy’?  These are silly technics played by big producers in the field with our small producers and directors.’


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