Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kaleja News : Will Mahesh dare to miss Rajamouli?

The time when mahesh babu was sitting idle without any commitments other than ‘Khaleja’ (Tentative title), none of the media sources targeted his upcoming projects. Now, its Mahesh time and names of top most directors like Rajamouli, Srinu Vytla, Shankar and many more are revolving around our Prince.

Though this may be happy news for Mahesh Fans but there is still a bit of discrepancy prevailing about the project with successful director Rajamouli which is actually bound to go on the sets after completion of Srinu Vytla project. Now the news about Shankar taking up Telugu remake of ‘3 Idiots’ has put Rajamouli’s project in suspense.

In the mean time after ‘Khaleja’ and before completion of Srinu Vytla project, if Shankar gets ready with necessary modifications to Hindi Version of ‘3 Idiots,’ will Mahesh sacrifice Rajamouli for Shankar? Both of them being the top most directors in their own languages, hope Mahesh doesn’t dare to miss either of them.


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