Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mahesh Babu News : Srinu Vytla and Rajamouli dying for him

Both of them are ace directors in their respective competencies. If Srinu Vytla is the best in providing the laughs using the entire comedy troop with simple stories, Rajamouli has perfectioned himself in elevating heroism with innovative story lines and high production costs. Yet they share two common points, one is their next movie with Mahesh Babu and the other is their frequent wins over BO.

As Mahesh Babu confirmed the movie with Rajamouli and Srinu Vytla movie already finalized, now this is first time that Mahesh Babu fans are over excited about big directors dealing their hero one by one. One discrepancy creeping into the situation is, ‘When will these movies go on to the sets?’

Yes, Rajamouli and Srinu Vytla are dying to start the shooting and why not even Mahesh too expressed his inner feeling that he can’t wait any more.


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