Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mahesh Babu News : Mahesh give T shocks to Media

Prince Mahesh Babu these days is more often followed by his fans on Twitter rather than his personal appearances before media in the form of interviews or chit chats. Yestedray was a rare occasion for few of the media people who attended Mahesh Babu at an event of Univer Cell, for which Mahesh is brand ambassador.

Initially Mahesh answered few of the questions from press in the form of Very Short Answer Type Questions as what we see in Intermediate Examination Papers. Later he was even reluctant to answer any more and offered a free suggestion/shock for media to follow him on ‘Twitter’ rather than asking him questions like these.

Wow…that shows Mahesh is trying to increase his craze on Twitter.

Before Mahesh posts it on Twitter, click this link to view this handsome hero at Univer Cell customer meet, an exclusive
CJ collection.


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