Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mahesh following Salman while Salman following Pawan

From the times ‘Pokiri’ striked gold at Telugu BO; Bollywood continuously eyed on our super hits. Result is that sensational cop of ‘Pokiri’ has come out ‘Wanted’ with Salman Khan which was a path breaking success for muscle man. Now, Bollywood and Salman Khan are eyeing on to be released ‘Komaram Puli’ for its power packed CG work and the central subject which is known to be universal appealing. If calculations go hand in hand, Salman Khan may go for a Bollywood remake of ‘Puli’ very soon.

Before that, Salman Khan’s next release ‘Dabangg’ has been the latest revealation in entire India. Salman Khan once again donning the cop role but as a corrupt and bad police man is highlight of the movie. With a typical mannerism in ‘Dabangg,’ same as what what we have seen in ‘Wanted,’ Salman Khan has attracted even our Telugu producers who are finding the possibilities of a potential Telugu remake with Mahesh Babu. Let us wait, will Salman Khan offer ‘Dabangg’ as repayment to Tollywood for our ‘Pokiri.’

So, Salaman looking at ‘Puli’ while readying to offer ‘Dabangg.’ All in the name of Police.


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