Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mahesh gets costly gift from Namrata

Beautiful Namrata, wife of mahesh babu has thought of surprising husband with a gift on his birthday that is on August 9. Unfortunately this gift has landed on week earlier to the scheduled time and mahesh babu has lost the kick in it.

Yes, Namratha has purchased a costly Range  Rover Vogue, most luxurious SUV which would cost nearly Rs. 1 crore. ‘My wife decided to gift me a Range  Rover Vogue. It arrived a week early but looks awesome. Considering that I don't really drive, wonder if she bought it for me or for herself.  Either way, will be her or my driver driving me. So, it is for me…after all,’ mahesh babu tweeted.

Hmm…looks like mahesh babu’s range is increased with this Rover Vogue.

Atleast there is one hero who really strives for his family


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