Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mahesh Babu News : Krishna trying to save Mahesh

Though already placed in the top league of Tollywood actors, mahesh babu is still a kid for his father Super Star Krishna. This was one of the situation where in Krishna was trying to cover up the huge gap that mahesh babu has taken in the release of his ‘Khaleja’ after happening of ‘Athidi.’

‘Actually mahesh babu was ready to complete the movie (Khaleja) at earliest. It was director and producer who are responsible for such long shooting. Mahesh explained me that, if he gets deviated onto other project without completing this, there was danger that ‘Khaleja’ would never be released. So, he took these many number of days patiently to complete it before accepting others,’ Krishna tried to push the delay of ‘Khaleja’ on Trivikram and Singanamala making Mahesh to land in safe area.

But, none knows whats that really made ‘Khaleja’ to run into troubles. Hope that release will sort out every problem.


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