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Did Mahesh 'Numerology' failed for Khaleja?

Designing of ‘Khaleja’ title to resemble the numerical ‘432’ which sums up to become 9, the lucky number for mahesh Babu is most publicized item by media before the release of movie. Even mahesh Babu has given word of confidence to his Fans about the sure shot success of ‘Khaleja.’

Now, Prince is facing a divided talk in market with collections dropping down for ‘Khaleja’ before the festival of Dasara. Of course, it is now clear that ‘Khaleja’ may not be the biggest hit of mahesh’s career yet will have its own run. Based on numerology sentiment that surrounded the ‘Khaleja,’ even Fans are now doubtful as what is that made mahesh to go for this title without any relation to the main story, after fighting legally with Vijaybhaskar Reddy the official title owner of ‘Khaleja.’

Hmm…may be the prefix ‘mahesh’ added before the title of ‘Khaleja’ should have made the numerology to fail its prediction.


Was Rajasekhar targeting Pawan and Mahesh?

Angry Man rajasekhar is again wearing the Police costume for ‘Mahankali’ giving credit to audience who forced him to don the Cop role again. As shooting of ‘Mahankali’ has been commenced few days ago, rajasekhar tried to grab the media attention towards his movie by attending before few channels.

Speaking about the schedule and the kind of movie ‘Mahankali’ is, rajasekhar said ‘This film would have similar intensity as that of my super hit movie ‘Magadu.’ One more important issue is that, shooting of ‘Mahankali’ would be completed in a period of just two months and there would be no extensions as what few of the heroes are doing these days. Iam sure this would be profitable venture for everybody.’

Coming to number of working days for a movie, there were no constraints for heroes these days and obviously rajasekhar completing ‘Mahankali’ in just 60 days is something good news to hear. Now, there is no need to mention the inner meaning in his statement which targets at other heroes and their working days for a movie. Let us see, will rajasekhar stick to his word?


Khaleja lessons to be applied for Dookudu

s said earlier mahesh babu has learnt the true definition of an entertaining movie working under Trivikram for this ‘Khaleja.’ Never was Prince seen rendering such mass dialogues in full swing in any of his earlier movies as what was seen in 'Khaleja.' Not alone dialogues, the enormous charm grown on the face of Mahesh is to help him for ‘Dookudu’ which is all set on Istanbul schedule.

‘Dookudu’ being a movie from Srinu Vytla, the natural comedy lover, Prince Fans can hope of a full fledged mass entertainer this time. Seeing the track record of Srinu Vytla, all his movies have a big edge at BO for its comedy elements and clever audience these days are also more concentrating on the same.

With all those comic timing lessons learnt by Mahesh in Trivikram’s company will help Srinu Vytla in further enhancing the output of ‘Dookudu.’ Of course, Mahesh also seems never that determined as seen these days after the completion of ‘Khaleja.’


Why was Mahesh shivering with Chill in Spine?

Why was Mahesh shivering with Chill in Spine?

What is the special interest that made Ramgopal Varma to screen the special premier of ‘Raktha Charitra’ for mahesh babu? Yes, sources say that mahesh babu has watched a special screening of ‘Raktha Charitra’ at Prasad Labs and he is almost in shivers watching Varma at his best.

Even Twitter account of mahesh babu reveals it all saying, ‘Saw Rakta Charitra. Can't get my mind of it. Spinechilling…Ramu at his best.’ Other than Varma, this is the first report out into the market about the movie with few hours left for the release. Well, what can we infer about this kind of publicity by Mahesh for ‘Raktha Charitra’ even before the release time? One of the sources suggests that, Mahesh may soon work with Varma for a project. Well, that’s a good news folks.


Maniratnam movie with Mahesh n Vikram

We can't ask anything more than this for this generation. A spectacular combination of mahesh babu & Vikram in the lead with Maniratnam handling the mega fone; here is coming the movie of a life time. If sources from Kollywood and Tollywood are summed up, this movie would go on sets in next year.

Based on history of Chola and Pallava Kingdoms; Vikram will act as Raja Raja Chola while Mahesh is to do the role of a Pallava King. This movie will be based on historical novel ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ and will be produced by Sun Pictures on all time high budget. Script writer Jeya Mohan has been approached by Mani to work on this story and his remuneration is heard to be something around Rs.2 Crores.

Obviously, this movie will be made in all three major south Indian languages except Kannada. Well, let us wait for an official announcement very soon. For time being, Prince Fans can start celebrating the occasion in Tollywood.


Amazing VFX work of 'Mahesh Khaleja'

Amazing VFX work of 'Mahesh Khaleja'

The visual brilliance and the visual effects landscape what we see on the screen in a big movie is the excellent work of graphical departments. Recently ‘Khaleja’ has been named as one such movie for the richness on screen and the extraordinary VFX (Visual Fixation) work by the team of Pixelloid.

Footage of the hard work and dedication put in by the team of Pixelloid in designing these frames has been released into the market. All the top producers in South Indian film industry are running for Pixelliod in making their movie look brighter and visually more appealing. Nayeem and Yugandhar Tammareddy, the leading members (Gods) in designing your own world, Pixelloid is proving to be one of the best in VFX and Animation department in entire India.


Prince Mahesh Babu`s 'Dookudu' for '3 Idiots'

Looks like Mahesh is very eager to act in Director Shankar`s mega flick '3 Idiots' 

Prince mahesh babu is on a long outdoor schedule of ‘Dookudu’ with Srinu Vytla but here comes the fresh news from insiders that before Mahesh lands in India, director Shankar has made his arrangements to open the shoot of movie Telugu/Tamil version of ‘Prince Mahesh Babu`s 'Dookudu' for '3 Idiots'.’

Shankar regarded as a pure technician who loves to experiment with grandeur shooting for years is shaping up this project in a different format and is thinking to complete the shoot of the movie in below 100 days. Going by story wise, majority of ‘3 Idiots’ will be talkie part and there seems to be no necessity to go for erection of huge sets.

So, if the talk goes right Mahesh will complete his part of shoot for ‘3 Idiots’ in just two months and will then go back to his further projects. If the same happens, we might be able to enjoy mahesh babu in ‘3 Idiots’ before ‘Dookudu.


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