Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why was Mahesh shivering with Chill in Spine?

Why was Mahesh shivering with Chill in Spine?

What is the special interest that made Ramgopal Varma to screen the special premier of ‘Raktha Charitra’ for mahesh babu? Yes, sources say that mahesh babu has watched a special screening of ‘Raktha Charitra’ at Prasad Labs and he is almost in shivers watching Varma at his best.

Even Twitter account of mahesh babu reveals it all saying, ‘Saw Rakta Charitra. Can't get my mind of it. Spinechilling…Ramu at his best.’ Other than Varma, this is the first report out into the market about the movie with few hours left for the release. Well, what can we infer about this kind of publicity by Mahesh for ‘Raktha Charitra’ even before the release time? One of the sources suggests that, Mahesh may soon work with Varma for a project. Well, that’s a good news folks.


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