Thursday, November 11, 2010

Amazing VFX work of 'Mahesh Khaleja'

Amazing VFX work of 'Mahesh Khaleja'

The visual brilliance and the visual effects landscape what we see on the screen in a big movie is the excellent work of graphical departments. Recently ‘Khaleja’ has been named as one such movie for the richness on screen and the extraordinary VFX (Visual Fixation) work by the team of Pixelloid.

Footage of the hard work and dedication put in by the team of Pixelloid in designing these frames has been released into the market. All the top producers in South Indian film industry are running for Pixelliod in making their movie look brighter and visually more appealing. Nayeem and Yugandhar Tammareddy, the leading members (Gods) in designing your own world, Pixelloid is proving to be one of the best in VFX and Animation department in entire India.


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