Thursday, November 11, 2010

Did Mahesh 'Numerology' failed for Khaleja?

Designing of ‘Khaleja’ title to resemble the numerical ‘432’ which sums up to become 9, the lucky number for mahesh Babu is most publicized item by media before the release of movie. Even mahesh Babu has given word of confidence to his Fans about the sure shot success of ‘Khaleja.’

Now, Prince is facing a divided talk in market with collections dropping down for ‘Khaleja’ before the festival of Dasara. Of course, it is now clear that ‘Khaleja’ may not be the biggest hit of mahesh’s career yet will have its own run. Based on numerology sentiment that surrounded the ‘Khaleja,’ even Fans are now doubtful as what is that made mahesh to go for this title without any relation to the main story, after fighting legally with Vijaybhaskar Reddy the official title owner of ‘Khaleja.’

Hmm…may be the prefix ‘mahesh’ added before the title of ‘Khaleja’ should have made the numerology to fail its prediction.


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