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Did Mahesh 'Numerology' failed for Khaleja?

Designing of ‘Khaleja’ title to resemble the numerical ‘432’ which sums up to become 9, the lucky number for mahesh Babu is most publicized item by media before the release of movie. Even mahesh Babu has given word of confidence to his Fans about the sure shot success of ‘Khaleja.’

Now, Prince is facing a divided talk in market with collections dropping down for ‘Khaleja’ before the festival of Dasara. Of course, it is now clear that ‘Khaleja’ may not be the biggest hit of mahesh’s career yet will have its own run. Based on numerology sentiment that surrounded the ‘Khaleja,’ even Fans are now doubtful as what is that made mahesh to go for this title without any relation to the main story, after fighting legally with Vijaybhaskar Reddy the official title owner of ‘Khaleja.’

Hmm…may be the prefix ‘mahesh’ added before the title of ‘Khaleja’ should have made the numerology to fail its prediction.


Was Rajasekhar targeting Pawan and Mahesh?

Angry Man rajasekhar is again wearing the Police costume for ‘Mahankali’ giving credit to audience who forced him to don the Cop role again. As shooting of ‘Mahankali’ has been commenced few days ago, rajasekhar tried to grab the media attention towards his movie by attending before few channels.

Speaking about the schedule and the kind of movie ‘Mahankali’ is, rajasekhar said ‘This film would have similar intensity as that of my super hit movie ‘Magadu.’ One more important issue is that, shooting of ‘Mahankali’ would be completed in a period of just two months and there would be no extensions as what few of the heroes are doing these days. Iam sure this would be profitable venture for everybody.’

Coming to number of working days for a movie, there were no constraints for heroes these days and obviously rajasekhar completing ‘Mahankali’ in just 60 days is something good news to hear. Now, there is no need to mention the inner meaning in his statement which targets at other heroes and their working days for a movie. Let us see, will rajasekhar stick to his word?


Khaleja lessons to be applied for Dookudu

s said earlier mahesh babu has learnt the true definition of an entertaining movie working under Trivikram for this ‘Khaleja.’ Never was Prince seen rendering such mass dialogues in full swing in any of his earlier movies as what was seen in 'Khaleja.' Not alone dialogues, the enormous charm grown on the face of Mahesh is to help him for ‘Dookudu’ which is all set on Istanbul schedule.

‘Dookudu’ being a movie from Srinu Vytla, the natural comedy lover, Prince Fans can hope of a full fledged mass entertainer this time. Seeing the track record of Srinu Vytla, all his movies have a big edge at BO for its comedy elements and clever audience these days are also more concentrating on the same.

With all those comic timing lessons learnt by Mahesh in Trivikram’s company will help Srinu Vytla in further enhancing the output of ‘Dookudu.’ Of course, Mahesh also seems never that determined as seen these days after the completion of ‘Khaleja.’


Why was Mahesh shivering with Chill in Spine?

Why was Mahesh shivering with Chill in Spine?

What is the special interest that made Ramgopal Varma to screen the special premier of ‘Raktha Charitra’ for mahesh babu? Yes, sources say that mahesh babu has watched a special screening of ‘Raktha Charitra’ at Prasad Labs and he is almost in shivers watching Varma at his best.

Even Twitter account of mahesh babu reveals it all saying, ‘Saw Rakta Charitra. Can't get my mind of it. Spinechilling…Ramu at his best.’ Other than Varma, this is the first report out into the market about the movie with few hours left for the release. Well, what can we infer about this kind of publicity by Mahesh for ‘Raktha Charitra’ even before the release time? One of the sources suggests that, Mahesh may soon work with Varma for a project. Well, that’s a good news folks.


Maniratnam movie with Mahesh n Vikram

We can't ask anything more than this for this generation. A spectacular combination of mahesh babu & Vikram in the lead with Maniratnam handling the mega fone; here is coming the movie of a life time. If sources from Kollywood and Tollywood are summed up, this movie would go on sets in next year.

Based on history of Chola and Pallava Kingdoms; Vikram will act as Raja Raja Chola while Mahesh is to do the role of a Pallava King. This movie will be based on historical novel ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ and will be produced by Sun Pictures on all time high budget. Script writer Jeya Mohan has been approached by Mani to work on this story and his remuneration is heard to be something around Rs.2 Crores.

Obviously, this movie will be made in all three major south Indian languages except Kannada. Well, let us wait for an official announcement very soon. For time being, Prince Fans can start celebrating the occasion in Tollywood.


Amazing VFX work of 'Mahesh Khaleja'

Amazing VFX work of 'Mahesh Khaleja'

The visual brilliance and the visual effects landscape what we see on the screen in a big movie is the excellent work of graphical departments. Recently ‘Khaleja’ has been named as one such movie for the richness on screen and the extraordinary VFX (Visual Fixation) work by the team of Pixelloid.

Footage of the hard work and dedication put in by the team of Pixelloid in designing these frames has been released into the market. All the top producers in South Indian film industry are running for Pixelliod in making their movie look brighter and visually more appealing. Nayeem and Yugandhar Tammareddy, the leading members (Gods) in designing your own world, Pixelloid is proving to be one of the best in VFX and Animation department in entire India.


Prince Mahesh Babu`s 'Dookudu' for '3 Idiots'

Looks like Mahesh is very eager to act in Director Shankar`s mega flick '3 Idiots' 

Prince mahesh babu is on a long outdoor schedule of ‘Dookudu’ with Srinu Vytla but here comes the fresh news from insiders that before Mahesh lands in India, director Shankar has made his arrangements to open the shoot of movie Telugu/Tamil version of ‘Prince Mahesh Babu`s 'Dookudu' for '3 Idiots'.’

Shankar regarded as a pure technician who loves to experiment with grandeur shooting for years is shaping up this project in a different format and is thinking to complete the shoot of the movie in below 100 days. Going by story wise, majority of ‘3 Idiots’ will be talkie part and there seems to be no necessity to go for erection of huge sets.

So, if the talk goes right Mahesh will complete his part of shoot for ‘3 Idiots’ in just two months and will then go back to his further projects. If the same happens, we might be able to enjoy mahesh babu in ‘3 Idiots’ before ‘Dookudu.


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Mahesh Babu Wallpapers

Mahesh Babu Wallpapers

Mahesh Babu Wallpapers

Mahesh Babu Wallpapers

Mahesh Babu Wallpapers

Mahesh Babu Wallpapers

Mahesh Babu Wallpapers


Mahesh Babu Wallpapers

Mahesh Babu Wallpapers

Mahesh Babu Wallpapers

Mahesh Babu Wallpapers

Mahesh Babu Wallpapers

Mahesh Babu Wallpapers

Mahesh Babu Wallpapers

Mahesh Babu Wallpapers


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An Interview With Mahesh Babu

he son of the Superstar and the reigning prince of Telugu filmdom - that's Mahesh Babu for you. You say this and you have said everything you need to say about this ebullient actor. The celluloid world welcomed him as a child artiste with the movie 'Poratam' and his place in the Telugu cinema was firmly cemented with a succession of movies including 'Balachandrudu', 'Koduku Diddina Kapuram' and 'Anna Thammudu'. Today with films like 'Rajakumarudu', 'Takkari Donga', 'Nijam' and 'Okkadu' which have stamped him as actor of a high caliber, he is on the peaks of success with 'Athadu' which has set the cash registers ringing and the audience highly excited. Here are the excerpts from an interview with him.

What do you feel about the success of Athadu?

I feel that this is the biggest hit so far in my career in all respects including the money it has collected. Its success has filled me with a new zeal and new inspiration.

What, in your opinion, are the chief features of the movie that attract you?

Most importantly the characterization of the hero. That is what holds my utmost interest. As far as I know this is the first subject of its kind in any Telugu movie. The hero's character in 'Athadu' has two sides. His transformation from a negative role to a positive one is really fascinating. The script writer and the director being the same led to the advantage of molding the character in a way that is really interesting. I okayed the role because I was sure that the script writer and the director being the same, the hero's character would shape up very well, and I was not wrong.

Is it totally a director's movie, or ..?

Sure, it's a director's movie. Trivikram Srinivas is a highly skilled technician. He shaped the hero's character much better than he made me believe he would. I am ready to do another movie with him.

You claim that this is a fresh subject. But on the release of the movie, the talk was that it was a copy of 'Antham' and 'Varasudocchadu'. Your comments?

That's all so much of nonsense. For one thing I have not seen those movies. One reason for the talk perhaps is that the person playing the role of the hero in both the movies steps into the shoes of a member of the family who has been missing for a long time and tries to pass off as the missing person. I assure you, there is no similarity between the stories of those movies and that of 'Athadu'. The talk did get about the movie being similar to 'Antham', but to be honest, I haven't seen the film at all.

The hero's character in your father's starrer 'Neramu-Siksha' is on lines very similar to your role in 'Athadu'. Did your people discuss this with you?

When 'Neramu-Siksha' was released, I was not even born (laughs). Now that you have mentioned it, I will get a cassette of it and watch it and look for any coincidence.

The climax of 'Athadu' is said to be similar to that of the English movie, 'Face/Off'. Your comments?

The climax scene in 'Face/Off' might have appealed to the director and inspired him to shoot it the same way. The adoption of a scene or two does not make a movie a copy of another, does it? The fights in 'Aparichitudu' are very impressively composed, and if a director, impressed by it, includes similar fights in his movie, he or she cannot be accused of copying.

You would have nothing to do with the publicity of the movie before or on its release. But you are talking about so much about it now. Your comments?

Success makes all the difference. Once a movie is a success whatever one talks passes. I had been silent until the movie turned out to be a success, because none can predict the success or the failure of a movie. I was hesitant mainly because three of my movies had flopped in a row, though I was sure right from the beginning that 'Athadu' was going to be a hit.

On the occasion of the release of 'Athadu', you offered worship at Sri Kalahasti and people ascribe its success to your pooja there. Your comments?

It was just a coincidence. My pilgrimage to Sri Kalahasti was the first after my marriage, and my purpose was to seek the lord's blessings for a happy married life. I am a sentimental and religious person. Why are you asking this question? Is it because 'Athadu' is a success?

How much has this movie contributed to your fame and popularity?

Success makes people talk. People talked about me in the past with the image of 'Okkadu' in mind. Now when they talk about me, they have the image of 'Athadu' in mind. In both the cases people are talking more about the success of the hero's role than about the appeal of the film. That certainly makes me happy. And that certainly increases the pressure on me to perform as well or even better.

The delayed release of 'Athadu' has given rise to the speculation that it is an over budgeted production and it had to be released with a deficit. Your comments?

I don't agree that it is an over budgeted movie. The producer is better qualified to talk about it, though. The movie was completed within the projected budget. And the collections are soaring and are making us happy. 60% of the investment has already been recovered. Just think of it!

The movies of the super stars flopping, the putting off of the dates of some of the movies and the film boxes not being lifted, recently, people think, is due to the expenditure exceeding the budget and the high remunerations demanded by the super stars. Your comments?

We hear that kind of talk only when movies flop. Cinegoers look for novelty in a movie. Movies flop because they lack novelty. Over budgeting cannot always be the reason for the failure of a movie. Athadu is a success mainly because it has shown the audience something different from the other movies. I have no comments about the failures of the movies of the super stars.

'Athadu' was released only a year after 'Arjun'. Does it mean you want to limit yourself to one movie a year?

Nothing of the sort. I care more about the quality than about the quantity or the number. One thing at a time – that's my policy. From now on I want to do only three movies a year. At present I am signed up for six movies which will keep me fully busy till 2007.

Puri Jagannath had three flops in a row. Are you still prepared to work with him?

Puri Jagannath is one of our best directors. A few failures do not mean anything. I feel sure that our combinations can definitely yield big hits. I am sure he will make a super hit with me. Once a failure doesn't always mean a failure. My 'Athadu' has proved it.

Your comments about your senior's reactions?

Soon after the preview of 'Athadu', Chiranjeevi garu sent me a bouquet and a letter of congratulations written in his own hand to me. That was a real thrill. When 'Okkadu' was released, he did the same. I thanked him over the phone. I cherish these events. Dad told me that Athadu would certainly rake in forty crore rupees. And he is not going to be far wrong. Dad is always realistic about things and frank in expressing his opinion. He is so even in this case.


Mhesh Babu Interview

(Athidi is called a success here..)

‘I do not promote violence for action’
Mahesh Babu is undoubtedly the cool dude, the Prince of Telugu cinema.

Son of superstar Krishna, Mahesh has charted a path of his own in cinema. Endowed with handsome looks, loads of talent and a passion for cinema, the stylish superstar Mahesh has been able to make a mark in almost all the films he has done so far — Okkadu, Athadu and Pokiri to name a few. After the smashing success of Pokiri, Mahesh is equally delighted with the success of Athidhi.

In the first part of this exclusive interview, Mahesh Babu talks about Athidhi.

How do you effortlessly perform roles like the one in Athidhi with felicity and elan?

I do my part as an actor. I give every film my hundred per cent. I am totally into my character while performing which is why I probably do one film at a time. As a result, my performance is not hindered from any angle.

The role in Athidhi seems to be quite similar to the one you essayed in Pokiri — the film had a ‘Pokiri hangover’ in parts. In that sense, was it relatively easy to do Athidhi?

First of all, I don’t think they are similar films. They are different films and I don’t think it’s fair to compare the two films. In my opinion, since they are different films I had a very different time doing Pokiri as opposed to doing Athidhi.

Athidhi had a large dose of violence particularly towards the climax. How do you view violence in cinema?

It is a film. When you do a film, you try to entertain the audience to the best of your capabilities. Violence is how you perceive it. If you look at it in terms of a film and understand it in terms of a story, you would go with it as opposed to just looking at it saying this is violent, that is violent. Even Pokiri had a lot of violence. People took it differently because as a film Pokiri was totally different.

It is how you perceive violence; with what frame of mind you go to see the film. If you are just going to get entertained and watch a good film, you will go and enjoy the film for its sake as opposed to critically analyzing it.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with Athidhi if one looks at it from the story point of view. From the story’s perspective, the character is human — for tomorrow if one were put in the same situation as the character, one would probably do the same thing. It’s how the director has envisioned the film. It justifies the character for sure. We are not independently talking of violence. I do not promote violence for action. It is what the character demands. In some it is more and in some, it is less.

Amrita Rao (your co-star in Athidhi) told me that you are one of the finest actors she has worked with. This was the first time you shared screen space with her. Could you talk about the experience of acting with her?

It was beautiful working with Amrita. She is one of the most capable actors I have acted with. She is diligent and interested in her work which is what makes it even more interesting to see her perform. It is inspiring for an actor when you see the co-actor working in the same capacity.

Both of you shared a good chemistry on screen. To what do you attribute this?

She has put in a lot of effort. She has also shown much interest while doing a scene, a song or anything. She always showed a willingness to learn and that�s probably what has made the difference.

How challenging is it to do action sequences?

It is challenging and a lot of hard work. Many people have the misconception that action is all special effects and computer graphics. We put in tons of effort — from visualising the stunt to actually pulling it off. I do my own stunts so I know what goes into putting an action sequence together. The climax of Athidhi was shot over a period of two-three weeks.

Athidhi had good picturisation of the songs particularly Satyam Emito which was a visual delight. It was also choreographed well. Your comments?

Satyam Emito was a different concept. It was the first time that a hero is not really dancing. There was a lot of emotion in that song which has come out beautifully. We were supposed to shoot in Iceland and then because of bad weather we had to shift to Dubai.

Satyam Emito is one of my favourite tracks from the film and from an actor’s point of view. I think one can see the hard work put in by Amrita too on the screen.

Surender Reddy told me he wrote the story keeping you and your image in mind. How was he as a director?

Surender is a talented boy. He is hardworking and very passionate about his work. Keeping all these three things in mind, it is needless to say he did a good job.

Are you happy with the response to Athidhi?

I am more than happy.

What are your future projects?

I am listening to scripts though I have not finalised anything yet.

You seem to be selective in choosing films. Athidhi is your first and only release this year�

I do one film at a time. I find it difficult doing two films simultaneously because I don’t feel I am doing justice to one. I make it a conscious effort to shoot one film at a time. It takes about 8-9 months from the time I set foot on a set to seeing it released.


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Mahesh Babu News : Maheshbabu on signing spree

After the disaster like 'Atithi', MaheshBabu almost kept himself away from the arc lights and there were no releases for the past three years. Everyone believe that MaheshBabu had become a little lazy and is not showing any interest in the films as none of the stories narrated him failed to impress him.

But that was not true and all these claims were nothing but gossips. The real story behind his delay is nothing but the love towards his wife Namrata Sirodkar. It is learnt that Namrata's parents passed away one after the other and maheshbabu stood behind Namrata and gave her a moral support, thereby lost chance to act in films.

Now that she recovered from the tragedy, MaheshBabu started accepting films and was on a signing spree. Presently he is busy acting in a film under Trivikram Srinivas' direction. After this film, he is likely to work with directors like Sreenu Vaitla, Surender Reddy (Mr Perfect) and Sukumar, jasthi hemambar.


Mr.Perfect News : Mahesh Babu 'Triple' action with Surender Reddy

Even after delivering dud ‘Athidhi’ by Surender Reddy, Mahesh Babu has never lost his ‘Kick’ on this energetic director.  Sources confirm that Mahesh Babu has agreed a movie for RR Movie Makers in the direction of Surender Reddy and more surprising that this will have Mahesh doing triple action, which is tentatively titled ‘Mr. Perfect.’

Although star and technical cast of this movie is yet to be worked out, this was just a formal agreement by Mahesh Babu for Surender Reddy. By the way Surender Reddy is tying the knot in next few days to enter a new phase of married life and this could be a true life changing movie for him.


Kaleja News : Khaleja - The end of road for 'D' Trivikram!!!

Extra ordinary script and dialogue writer Trivikram Srinivas is rare breed who carved a new trend of satires in Tollywood which changed the meaning of comedy in movies of commercial format. Getting better movie by movie from ‘Swayamavaram’ till ‘Jalsa,’ Trivikram hasn’t remained to his core dpeartment, he upgraded himself to the standards of a successful director with ‘Nuvve Nuvve, Athadu, Jalsa’ which rocked the industry.

Trivikram is so versatile that, he is considered just second to Jandhyala and brought a sea of changes in Telugu dialogues. But, insiders say that All Izz Not Well for Trivikram as a director facing too many troubles for the movie ‘Khaleja’ which has been in shoot from last two and half years and more.

Entire media and Mahesh Babu fans are blaming Trivikram for such heavy budget and a jeticulous time lag happened with ‘Khaleja’ which had various reasons including his struggle for perfection. Trivikram is clearly missing core job as a dialogue and script writer with over burdened pressures of a director, he  is determined  to get back as a dialogue writer and signed a film for Pawan Kalyan – Jayanth combo ‘Love Aaj Kal’ remake.

To offer Telugu audience a feel of real Trivikram, he is known to have decided to quit direction after ‘Khaleja’ and continue with a long run as dialogue and script writer. So, Telugu films are to get still better in entertainment....Trivikram is coming back with Power Pen to Punch you.


Mahesh Babu News : Srinu Vytla and Rajamouli dying for him

Both of them are ace directors in their respective competencies. If Srinu Vytla is the best in providing the laughs using the entire comedy troop with simple stories, Rajamouli has perfectioned himself in elevating heroism with innovative story lines and high production costs. Yet they share two common points, one is their next movie with Mahesh Babu and the other is their frequent wins over BO.

As Mahesh Babu confirmed the movie with Rajamouli and Srinu Vytla movie already finalized, now this is first time that Mahesh Babu fans are over excited about big directors dealing their hero one by one. One discrepancy creeping into the situation is, ‘When will these movies go on to the sets?’

Yes, Rajamouli and Srinu Vytla are dying to start the shooting and why not even Mahesh too expressed his inner feeling that he can’t wait any more.


Kaleja News : Mahesh's next with Trivikram assistant!

Super Star mahesh babu is moving like a Laila signing movies one by one in a hurry. Close sources to mahesh babu mention that ‘Khaleja’ is to hit the screens in July at any cost (Happy news for Mahesh fans) and very soon the project of Srinu Vytla will come into picture for sister Manjula’s Indira productions.

This is fresh as per few reliable sources that in parallel to Srinu Vytla’s project a movie has also been fianlized for Tolly2Holly banners which will have Bulli (Nick name and is an assitant to Trivikram) handling the megafone for the first time. Same sources say that this movie may have Trivikram working on the story and dialogues part too. Very soon, official news about this project may strike the headlines.


Kaleja News : Mahesh Babu fans excited for....?

Prince of Tollywood, Mahesh Babu can never be out of demand even with out a release in last three years. His upcoming movie for Singanamala Ramesh in the direction of Trivikram is in the final stages of completion as crucial climax action scenes are now being picturized on Mahesh Babu and Trivikram.

Mahesh Babu who is regularly following the fans on Twitter has all of the sudden raised the excitement in fans by posting a tweet…‘Sum exciting news. With climax picturization going uninterrupted…what else can be this excitement other than release date of this tentatively titled movie ‘Khaleja.’


Mahesh Babu's Power to be launched on July 15

Mahesh Babu’s latest film in the direction of Srinu Vaitla is going to be launched on July 15. Titled Power, the film is going to be a hilarious entertainer on the lines the director’s previous films—Dhee, Dubai Seenu, Ready, King and Namo Venkatesa. ``But the story and Mahesh Babu’s character would be completely different and interesting,’’ the director said.


Kaleja News : Mahesh Babu praising his producer

This could be the very first time in last two and half years that hero Mahesh Babu has praised his producer of the project with Trivikram Srinivas (tentative title Khaleja). Yes, as the shoot was getting completed at a brisk pace with climax fight going very rapid as per schedule, Mahesh Babu seems to be stunned.

Climax will be wrapped up in next two days and Mahesh calls it as an awesome schedule. Although Mahesh is complaining on the tight shoot for missing his valuable time with his son Gautham but Prince is all praises for producer C. Kalyan. ‘The production team was outstanding and special thanks to producer C. Kalyan as he needs a special mention,’ said Mahesh Babu.

So, sweet news about the release of movie can no longer be a suspense. Wait for few more days for an official announcement.


Mahesh Babu News : Mahesh Babu's reason behind missing of Tolly T20

Ever since Mahesh Babu has got connected to his fans through Twitter, he seems to be opening up his personal life (atleast in partial) for the sake of fans pleasure. As expected earlier, Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu are the two names which are sought to be abscondees to the MAA event of Tollywood T20.

Surprising all, Pawan Kalyan made his Power entry into the ground making audience in galleries to reverbarate with ‘Puli’ slogan. On the other hand, Mahesh Babu fans were down hearted by missing of their hero. Nevertheless, Mahesh Babu has understood the pain of his fans and quoted the reason behind his missing at the high profile event.

‘I couldn't make it for the match as iam shooting for the climax of my next movie near Pune. Shooting location is 2hrs away from Pune city. I couldn't leave a crew of 200 waiting for me,’ said Mahesh Babu.

‘This one is a genuine reason from our Mahesh and it is producers who needs to be blamed for planning such a schedule somewhere away from Pune,’ said Shankar, a fan of Mahesh Babu.


Mahesh Babu News : Mahesh Babu doing opposite to Balayya

This is very much known news that Nandamuri Balakrishna has gone for a tour of Narasimha Swamy temples in Andhra Pradesh after the super success talk of ‘Simha.’ It is Balayya’s luck factor that all the movies titled after Narasimha Swamy proved to be BO hits. Now, Mahesh Babu seems to be following the same but before the release of his upcoming movie in direction of Trivikram.

As the action packed climax part of Mahesh’s movie has completed the shoot in outskirts of Pune, Prince is now involved in roaming around the temples surrounding Pune. As per available information, he is to make darshan of dieties at eight temples under  heavy downpour of monsoon. If Balayya has done it after release, Mahesh is doing even before the announcement of release date.


Kaleja News : Mahesh Babu 'Tit For Tat' to Trivikram!

Now, a new gossip in Tollywood circles that Mahesh Babu and Trivikram are although staying together for completion of long shooted and long awaited movie but are impatient with cold war running between both.

As per Filmnagar buzz, Mahesh Babu and Trivikram’s combo has been titled by media and fans as ‘Khaleja’ while neither producer nor director and hero haven’t accepted it and Mahesh is in a hurry to finalise one. Taking no care of Mahesh’s tension, Trivikram started working now and then for Pawan Kalyan’s movie in direction of Jayant C Paranji and offered a free title of ‘Khusheegaa’ for them.

Mahesh who was demanding 100% of concentration from Trivikram for his project is known to have hurt by this behavior of Trivikram and started to deviate his concentration on his next movie, from the time he is back in Hyderabad. Next in Mahesh list is the project of Srinu Vytla for Achanta brothers. Now, Mahesh has ratified the title ‘Dookudu’ for Srinu Vytla’s movie as a tit for tat to Trivikram’s ‘Khusheegaa.’

Well, both of them getting busy with their side projects, will Producer C. Kalyan, the main man sit idle?


Mahesh Babu News : Mahesh give T shocks to Media

Prince Mahesh Babu these days is more often followed by his fans on Twitter rather than his personal appearances before media in the form of interviews or chit chats. Yestedray was a rare occasion for few of the media people who attended Mahesh Babu at an event of Univer Cell, for which Mahesh is brand ambassador.

Initially Mahesh answered few of the questions from press in the form of Very Short Answer Type Questions as what we see in Intermediate Examination Papers. Later he was even reluctant to answer any more and offered a free suggestion/shock for media to follow him on ‘Twitter’ rather than asking him questions like these.

Wow…that shows Mahesh is trying to increase his craze on Twitter.

Before Mahesh posts it on Twitter, click this link to view this handsome hero at Univer Cell customer meet, an exclusive
CJ collection.


Mahesh Babu meets Mr & Mrs. Rajamouli

Once again, the meeting of Mahesh Babu with Rajamouli and Rama Rajamouli before leaving to Mumbai for the shooting of songs for Trivikram project has become a big discussion on net with in few hours after happening of their meet.

Yes, Mahesh has posted it on Twitter that he had nice time in their company.

‘These guys are just fantastic. So down to earth , so grounded. Its really difficult to be like that with the kind of success Rajamouli has achieved. I just love people like them. Iam sure Rajamouli will continue his magic at the box office even with Maryada Ramanna,’ said Mahesh who kept his fans still in suspense about his project with Rajamouli.

With the kind of happenings between Rajamouli and Mahesh Babu, one can expect an official announcement about their movie with in this year.


Kaleja News : Mahesh and Pawan maintaining the gap

It happened almost three years that Prince Mahesh Babu hasn’t gave his darshan on the screen. During peak stage of career and in early 30’s, this is normally considered as suicidal taking into consideration the immense following for his father Super Star Krishna. But, he never cared so and now hopes are finally increasing on his next release in the direction of Trivikram which is tentatively titled ‘Khaleja.’

On the other hand, Mahesh’s best companion is Power Star pawan kalyan who too normally maintains the same kind of gap between his movies. This time, the problem is with producer Singanamala Ramesh, the common producer for both of their movies.

Yes, ‘Puli’ already readied for audio release and then followed by movie release in August; Mahesh’s fans are worried whether Prince’s movie may get clash with Power’s. Although, Anushka earlier revealed that ‘Khaleja’ is set to rock the theatres in August, Singanamala after discussing with C. Kalyan has taken a decision to get the movie out of labs only in September leaving Puli to rock for entire August.

With no worthmentioning releases in August except ‘Don Seenu’ and may be ‘Brindavanm’ in September, Pawan and Mahesh are to compete with Raviteja and Junior NTR, though both of them maintained a clear gap of one month. So, crucial months for Tollywood are August and September.


Big celebs with Big flicks on the way to entertain you

Pawan Kalyan with S.J.Suryah for ‘Komaram Puli’ is considered as biggest commercial entertainer of the year with enough power punches from Power Star.

Coming to Mahesh Babu, Trivikram combo which shaked BO with ‘Athadu’ earlier is the most promising one along with Anushka while Junior NTR’s ‘Brindavanam’ is a safe family entertainer for an image change over for Junior.

With all three stars holding their own priorites and their own mania in market, final winner for Number One may not be declared even after these releases but atleast a clear picture may come into the sight.

By the way, even Ramcharan and Prabhas are ready to settle the scores but only after this 100 crore big fight.


Mahesh Babu News : Mahesh laughs like a kid

Well-known director SS Rajamouli of Magadheera fame is ready with another script. Maryada Ramanna is ready for release. So director Rajamouli and Rama met mahesh babu at his house.

“We went for a high tea and Mahesh’s wife Namrata gave us a warm welcome. The normally reserved Mahesh opens up occasionally and laughs like a 10-year-old child.

We narrated an interesting story and he liked it,” the two directors said in the networking site.

Meanwhile Sreenu Vaitla is going to shoot with Mahesh once Kaleja is released.The Kaleja unit will now move to Mumbai to picturise two songs there under the choreography of Ahmed Khan.


Mahesh Babu's soft heart for Mega Family

Good, positive and encouraging comments by mahesh babu on Pawan Kalyan and ‘Komaram Puli’ two days ago has become one of the most discussed subjects in Filmy circles. Not surprising that mahesh babu and Pawan Kalyan are among those unique group of heroes who can’t mend their ways for the sake of anybody with in or out side the industry and both of them have tremendous stamina at BO irrespective of the result of their movies.

To bring it to your attention, this is not the first time that mahesh babu has shown his soft and kind heart towards Mega family. It is here to remember that Chiranjeevi has taken the Number One position in Film industry from Super Star Krishna and every body should accept this with out a whisker of doubt. Keeping this in mind, Chiranjeevi during ‘Okkadu’ celebrations has praised Mahesh as next Super Star with enough power to take forward his fathers legacy. Remember ‘Okkadu’ was the much awaited success for mahesh babu when he was struggling to make his position strong in industry with atleast one genuine hit.

On the same dias, even mahesh babu has responded saying that Number One position is the responsibility and status which has come with Chiranjeevi and will go with Chiranjeevi, none in the industry has that capability to crown it.

Years passed and now the same affection seems to be budding up between Mahesh and Pawan. Well, no surprises as one of our viewers said ‘These two gonna share the future Megastar chair.’


Kaleja News : Will Mahesh give his Fans a birthday gift?

After following the tweets from mahesh babu on Twitter, first hand knowledge about his movie with Trivikram tentatively titled ‘Khaleja’ is that shooting of songs in Mumbai is quickly done and he is back in Andhra Pradesh, left for Vikarabad for remaining shoot.

Though missing the big screen from a long time, Mahesh Fans are hoping of a sweet birthday gift from their Super Star this time. As Mahesh’s birthday is on August 9, insiders in the industry started to murmur that audio release of ‘Khaleja’ might be commenced on the same day to once again get himself near to Fans.

Mani Sharma who proved his mettle with ‘Athadu’ in the same combo of Mahesh and Trivikram is known to have offered again the same quality music. If everything goes on expected lines, Mahesh Babu may thrill his fans with Priceless Princely birthday gift.

For information sake, it is known that Singanamala Ramesh, the producer of 'Komaram Puli' and 'Khaleja' is trying to maintain good gap between these releases.


Kaleja News : Will Mahesh dare to miss Rajamouli?

The time when mahesh babu was sitting idle without any commitments other than ‘Khaleja’ (Tentative title), none of the media sources targeted his upcoming projects. Now, its Mahesh time and names of top most directors like Rajamouli, Srinu Vytla, Shankar and many more are revolving around our Prince.

Though this may be happy news for Mahesh Fans but there is still a bit of discrepancy prevailing about the project with successful director Rajamouli which is actually bound to go on the sets after completion of Srinu Vytla project. Now the news about Shankar taking up Telugu remake of ‘3 Idiots’ has put Rajamouli’s project in suspense.

In the mean time after ‘Khaleja’ and before completion of Srinu Vytla project, if Shankar gets ready with necessary modifications to Hindi Version of ‘3 Idiots,’ will Mahesh sacrifice Rajamouli for Shankar? Both of them being the top most directors in their own languages, hope Mahesh doesn’t dare to miss either of them.


Mahesh Babu News : Mahesh keep his Fans again in waiting

Either it may be completion of a project or finalization of a project; mahesh babu’s slow pace and dilemma till the last moment is still eating the patience of Fans. Being declared as the only star hero who hasn’t lost the craze without a release in last three years, mahesh babu seems to be maintaining his style even for the declaration of title.

Yes, the movie in the combo of Mahesh Babu and Trivikram has almost completed the shooting part and getting busy with re-recording. Yet, either Mahesh or Trivikram aren’t showing their interest in revealing the title of his movie, atleast for the sake of Fans.

Mahesh confirmed day before yesterday to his followers about getting the title out in next two days. Anxiety of the Fans has once ended in disappointment as nothing seems to be finalized till now. Hope, Mahesh is still teaching his Fans, the lessons on patience.


Mahesh Babu News : Mahesh Babu topping the chart

Thums Up, Univer Cell, Navaratna Oil and lately Amrutanjan…now Provogue is to join mahesh babu’s list of endorsements. Yes, Prince Mahesh Babu is to become the brand ambassador for Provogue and is getting ready to open a Provogue showroom in Vijayawada on August 14.

Stylish Mahesh is already a brand icon for youth. A pefect blend of Mahesh’s charm with style and fashion of Provogue is sure to work. With Provogue, Mahesh Babu has become hero with highest number of endorsements topping the chart. As all these brands coming to fore for the publicity of his upcoming film, there seems to be no dearth for publicity of this most awaited project which is releasing after three years. After Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan, Mahesh is the ones who is endorsing this Provogue brand.


Mahesh's sister becomes Cherry's sister

Yes, the best news making rounds in Filmy circles is about the best relation between Mega Star and Super Star families. As per this news, Mahesh Babu’s sister Manjula is acitng as on screen sister to Ram Charan in the movie ‘Orange’ directed by Bommarillu Bhaskar and produced by Naga Babu on Anjana Productions.

Earlier to this Manjula acted in movies like ‘Show and Kavya’s diary’ while her husband acted in ‘Ye Maya Chesave’ their own product. Although there are no substantial proofs as of now but sure all of them are known to be shooting in Malaysia.

Wait  for few more days to get the first updates on ‘Orange.’


Kaleja News : Mahesh Babu special dialogue for 'Khaleja'

Come August 9, Prince mahesh babu Fans can have a new surprise as the new ad of ‘Thums Up’ is going to hit the silver screens. ‘Khaleja Chupiddam- Kummeddam Randi’ will be the dialogue from mahesh babu promoting ‘Khaleja’ movie through his new Thumbs Up ad.

This ad will be in a new dimension not on the same lines of those older ads. As movie is slated for release in September, this ad will give necessary kick for Prince Fans. All the five brands which mahesh babu endorses are known to be getting ready with their marketing stuff for ‘Khaleja.’

So, folks…get ready to show ‘Khaleja’ and taste the thunder.


Kaleja News : Mahesh Fans happy with Khaleja problems

From the time of declaration of Mahesh Babu’s new movie title as ‘khaleja,’ there were mixed responses from the fans. Even die hard fans of Mahesh Babu and Krishna expressed their mixed reactions to the title which was forcibly finalized by Trivikram Srinivas & Co.

All those Mahesh fans who are feeling the necessity for a change in title are happy to hear the news about a complaint being filed in Film Chamber on the title ‘khaleja.’ S Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy of Nitya Sree productions is the man behind filing of this complaint stating that ‘khaleja’ title is registered by his own Nitya Sree Productions who are to start a new movie in the direction Subba Reddy with same title.

Well, one has to see how will this issue end up. Will there be any mutual settlement or will there be a change in the title much to the rejoice of fans?


Mahesh following Salman while Salman following Pawan

From the times ‘Pokiri’ striked gold at Telugu BO; Bollywood continuously eyed on our super hits. Result is that sensational cop of ‘Pokiri’ has come out ‘Wanted’ with Salman Khan which was a path breaking success for muscle man. Now, Bollywood and Salman Khan are eyeing on to be released ‘Komaram Puli’ for its power packed CG work and the central subject which is known to be universal appealing. If calculations go hand in hand, Salman Khan may go for a Bollywood remake of ‘Puli’ very soon.

Before that, Salman Khan’s next release ‘Dabangg’ has been the latest revealation in entire India. Salman Khan once again donning the cop role but as a corrupt and bad police man is highlight of the movie. With a typical mannerism in ‘Dabangg,’ same as what what we have seen in ‘Wanted,’ Salman Khan has attracted even our Telugu producers who are finding the possibilities of a potential Telugu remake with Mahesh Babu. Let us wait, will Salman Khan offer ‘Dabangg’ as repayment to Tollywood for our ‘Pokiri.’

So, Salaman looking at ‘Puli’ while readying to offer ‘Dabangg.’ All in the name of Police.


Mahesh gets costly gift from Namrata

Beautiful Namrata, wife of mahesh babu has thought of surprising husband with a gift on his birthday that is on August 9. Unfortunately this gift has landed on week earlier to the scheduled time and mahesh babu has lost the kick in it.

Yes, Namratha has purchased a costly Range  Rover Vogue, most luxurious SUV which would cost nearly Rs. 1 crore. ‘My wife decided to gift me a Range  Rover Vogue. It arrived a week early but looks awesome. Considering that I don't really drive, wonder if she bought it for me or for herself.  Either way, will be her or my driver driving me. So, it is for me…after all,’ mahesh babu tweeted.

Hmm…looks like mahesh babu’s range is increased with this Rover Vogue.

Atleast there is one hero who really strives for his family


Mahesh Babu shifts to Junior NTR location

As a part of ‘Brindavanam’ movie shooting, Junior NTR has popularized ICRISAT in Hyderabad for movie shootings. Although ICRISAT was used as a shooting location from long ago, through ‘Twitter’ Junior NTR was all in praise of this Agricultural Centre for its greenery and rural resemblance, thus increasing its popularity.

Now, Mahesh Babu and his team of ‘khaleja’ will shift to ICRISAT  from tomorrow for clearing  one day patch work which includes scenes on Mahesh Babu and Anushka. With this, it is known that ‘khaleja’ talkie part is done and only a song needs to be canned which will be followed after this ICRISAT patch.

So, for all Prince fans, ‘khaleja’ is getting ready in a hurry


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