Thursday, September 9, 2010

Big celebs with Big flicks on the way to entertain you

Pawan Kalyan with S.J.Suryah for ‘Komaram Puli’ is considered as biggest commercial entertainer of the year with enough power punches from Power Star.

Coming to Mahesh Babu, Trivikram combo which shaked BO with ‘Athadu’ earlier is the most promising one along with Anushka while Junior NTR’s ‘Brindavanam’ is a safe family entertainer for an image change over for Junior.

With all three stars holding their own priorites and their own mania in market, final winner for Number One may not be declared even after these releases but atleast a clear picture may come into the sight.

By the way, even Ramcharan and Prabhas are ready to settle the scores but only after this 100 crore big fight.


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