Thursday, September 9, 2010

Most Secret Mahesh factor behind 'Khaleja'

Yes, this has been a new revealation that there is a hidden secret behind Mahesh Babu demanding the title ‘khaleja’ for his new movie and that too with the same and particular logo which has been published by Mahesh on Twitter.

On a clear look at Mahesh’s career, it has been phenomenal success for all his movies which are titled with three Telugu alphabets. Example being Okkadu, Pokiri, Athadu, Arjun which are all made of three Telugu alphabets.

Here comes the latest and second one. Please look at the title ‘khaleja’ above very keenly. You see ‘Kha’ resembling the number ‘4’ while ‘Le’ matches with number ‘3’ and ‘Ja’ shows number ‘2’ imbibed in it. So, a total sum of ‘9’ which is known t be the lucky number for Mahesh Babu.

With Mahesh Babu getting his lucky number both alphabetically and numerically, secret is revealed and super hit is confirmed.


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