Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ticket rates: Producers Happy - Audience Unhappy

As big season for tollywood is to start with ‘Koamram Puli’ followed by Rajinikanth’s ‘Robot,’ Mahesh Babu’s ‘Khaleja,’ Junior NTR’s ‘Brindavanam,’ Nagarjuna’s ‘Gaganam’ and the list goes on till January next year and we see at least a singe or two big releases every month.

Well, Film buffs who are waiting for these releases of their favorite stars could be in for a shock as ticket prices are to go souring with the present upper limit of Rs. 50 in urban areas could be increased to Rs. 70 while upper limit in rural areas is Rs. 25 which could be increased to Rs. 50.

To encash the craze that film buffs, Telugu film industry in a quick move has decided to approach the state government to increase film ticket rates. While Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce expressed its stand saying that film ticket rates should be hiked, it is Andhra Pradesh Film Chamber of Commerce had a meeting with producers, directors, distributors and exhibitors two days ago and came to a consensus on the issue.

If the ticket rates are hiked, the revenue generated by this extra ticket fare can be distributed in an amicable way, a leading exhibitor said.  Let us wait, how will we be screwed up?


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