Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mahesh Babu News : None of the heroes has that 'Khaleja'!!!

History says that ‘Khaleja’ (Guts) are not to be artifically imbibed but it is to be acquired heriditary. Prince Mahesh Babu, the brave and waging warrior in Tollywood is no competition for others. Already reaching the top of Tolly heights with ‘Pokiri’ breaking 75 years of industry records, Mahesh Babu doesn’t have anything to prove more. He should break his own records but of none others.

It is for sure, none of the heroes in World Cinema can save their image after taking a break of nearly 3 years from Filmydom yet Mahesh Babu is the same ‘Prince’ for his Fans and Telugu audience, such is his ‘Khaleja.’

Hurrying up with release of atleast two to three movies per calendar year to once again thrill his Fans, Mahesh Babu is celebrating his 37th Birthday today and may he remain the Prince of our hearts for 63 more years.

sulekhamovies wishes Mahesh Babu, a very Happy Birthday


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