Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kaleja News : Khaleja - The end of road for 'D' Trivikram!!!

Extra ordinary script and dialogue writer Trivikram Srinivas is rare breed who carved a new trend of satires in Tollywood which changed the meaning of comedy in movies of commercial format. Getting better movie by movie from ‘Swayamavaram’ till ‘Jalsa,’ Trivikram hasn’t remained to his core dpeartment, he upgraded himself to the standards of a successful director with ‘Nuvve Nuvve, Athadu, Jalsa’ which rocked the industry.

Trivikram is so versatile that, he is considered just second to Jandhyala and brought a sea of changes in Telugu dialogues. But, insiders say that All Izz Not Well for Trivikram as a director facing too many troubles for the movie ‘Khaleja’ which has been in shoot from last two and half years and more.

Entire media and Mahesh Babu fans are blaming Trivikram for such heavy budget and a jeticulous time lag happened with ‘Khaleja’ which had various reasons including his struggle for perfection. Trivikram is clearly missing core job as a dialogue and script writer with over burdened pressures of a director, he  is determined  to get back as a dialogue writer and signed a film for Pawan Kalyan – Jayanth combo ‘Love Aaj Kal’ remake.

To offer Telugu audience a feel of real Trivikram, he is known to have decided to quit direction after ‘Khaleja’ and continue with a long run as dialogue and script writer. So, Telugu films are to get still better in entertainment....Trivikram is coming back with Power Pen to Punch you.


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